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Group protests GOP debate in Greenville, calls it a 'circus'

GoUpstate.comGREENVILLE -- A newly formed South Carolina Democratic group called tonight's GOP presidential debate here a “circus” and a “celebration of extremism.”

Standing in front of the Westin Hotel close to the debate site and backed by a pair of mimes, a person on large stilts and a trio of young men holding signs mocking debate broadcaster Fox News Channel and so-called “birthers,” Lachlan McIntosh of the group SC Forward Progress said the debate represents a “celebration of the misinformed and a celebration of pandering.”

McIntosh had to strain to be heard over the music of a competing rally across the street put on by supporters of a South Carolina fair tax.

“South Carolina is a wonderful state with many good, decent and patriotic residents,” he said.

“My family has been here since it was a colony. But over the years, a very extreme group has taken over state government and currently dominates the Republican Party here.”

McIntosh went on to recite a laundry list of recent South Carolina Republican scandals that have “disgraced this state.”

SC Forward Progress, which announced its entry into the state's political milieu just this week, hosted what appeared to be the only non-conservative themed event here in a city that at least for one night has been taken over by an army of Republican activists and tea party members.

The group, formed by McIntosh and two other Lowcountry Democratic consultants, has adopted a mission statement of “turning back the tide of extremist politics in South Carolina.”

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