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The State: Dems plan to go after GOP; Republicans say debate, dinner are sold out

The Stateby Gina Smith


A trio of the state's young Democratic operatives has launched a new group to go after Republicans.


Lachlan McIntosh, a Charleston consultant who ran Mullins McLeod's aborted gubernatorial campaign last year, has set up "South Carolina Forward Progress" along with fellow consultant Tyler Jones and web developer Brian Barrie.


The group says it will rely on video, public events and press events to point out what it calls Republican follies leading up to the state's GOP presidential primary.


"These folks who control the S.C. Republican primary are far right-wing extremists," Tyler said. "Lots of them are birthers and have a strange and unhealthy hatred of the (U.S.) president. We are going to make sure that voters across the country know how far out of the mainstream Republican presidential candidates are willing to go to cater to these extreme people."

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