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GOP Prez Candidates: Sign the SCASC Pledge

So far this primary season, Republicans running for president have been asked to sign a whole host of pledges, including those to oppose abortion, to reduce the deficit, to save marriage, to ban pornography, etc.

Sign the SCASC (rhymes with crazy) Pledge!The one thing you've got to give to the Republicans running for President this year is that they are staying true. They've made it clear that ideology is more than important than anything else, including a national credit default, job creation, health care, and, well... anything.

We here at SC Forward Progress admire their honesty. It gets confusing when politicians say things like "Country First" and we appreciate that this group doesn't even go there. We are asking them to sign a pledge to keep ideology ahead of country and hopefully they won't let their high-paid consultants change their ways. Keep it real guys! Keep it Crazy! 

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a pledge that all the candidates should be happy to sign, to defiantly and definitively say that what they’re saying now is what they really believe.

We hereby present to all of the candidates running for the Republican nomination in South Carolina, a pledge to Stay Crazy After South Carolina (SCASC).

The Pledge reads as follows:

I, the undersigned candidate, hereby pledge to stick with any and all of the crazy things I have already said or will say in the future leading up to the South Carolina primary (including other pledges I’ve signed), and will continue to “own” said comments after the South Carolina primary is over all the way up to the general election and beyond. I further acknowledge that ideology is the only really important thing in this election aside from being the candidate who hates President Obama the most.

Signed: [candidate's name/signature here]

SC Forward Progress will be attempting to deliver the pledge to candidates to sign, but candidates are encouraged to go to for information about how to sign.

We will also be keeping a running tally on this page of how many candidates have signed the pledge. So far none have signed, but it's still early.

If you are a candidate (or represent a candidate) and want to sign the pledge, please contact us at and we will set up a time & place and alert the media.

If you are going to a candidate rally or meeting and want to ask them to sign the pledge, print out the pdf below and take it with you, have them sign it (be sure to take a picture), and email it to us at -- they are sure to thank you.