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Ken Ard

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SC Forward Progress reacts to Ard resignation


Today Tyler Jones, spokesman for South Carolina Forward Progress released the following statement in reaction to the resignation of South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard:

“Today is another sad day for South Carolina. The politicians in charge continue to fail this state. Extremism and corruption are rampant and crippling any hopes for progress. Our Republican Lieutenant Governor has been forced to resign amidst some of the most serious corruption charges our state has seen in a long, long time.

Post & Courier: Lt. Gov Ken Ard faces new scrutiny

Charleston Post and Courierby Yvonne Wenger

COLUMBIA -- South Carolina's attorney general is looking into Lt. Gov. Ken Ard's campaign spending to determine whether he should be prosecuted.

Alan Wilson's office told The Post and Courier on Tuesday that Ard is under review for his improper use of campaign cash, racking up the second-largest ethics fine in state history.

If Wilson decides enough evidence exists to warrant an investigation, the case would be turned over to the State Law Enforcement Division.

Video: Petition for Ken Ard to Resign

AP: Inaccuracy costs Ard, top ethics official says

Associated PressAssociated Press

COLUMBIA --- Because of inaccurate statements in an ethics investigation, Lt. Gov. Ken Ard had to pay extra stiff fines for using campaign money on a family vacation, clothes and iPads, the state's top ethic official said Friday.

On Thursday, the Republican paid a $48,400 fine for 107 violations and agreed to reimburse the state Ethics Commission $12,500 for its investigation. He'll also repay his campaign about $12,000. Ard paid $100 for each of 69 violations, $500 for each of 23 violations and $2,000 -- the maximum allowable fine -- for 15 violations.

Commission Executive Director Herb Hayden said Friday that the $2,000 fines included offenses where inaccurate explanations of spending were provided to investigators.

The State: Lt. Gov. Ard paying $48,000 fine


Lt. Gov. Ken Ard has settled an investigation into his use of campaign money by agreeing to pay $48,400 in fines for 107 ethics violations and reimbursing his campaign $12,121.35.

Ard, a Florence Republican, racked up more than $20,000 in questioned expenses after his November election, paying for hotel rooms, football tickets to the Southeastern Conference championship game and a $799 dress for his wife to wear to the inauguration.

Ard will not face criminal charges after the State Ethics Commission declined to refer his case to the state attorney general for possible prosecution. Ard’s spending was first reported by the Columbia Free Times.

Video: Ken Ard: the Big Spender