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Mitt Romney

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Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

For Immediate Release

On the heels of Mitt Romney's visit to Charleston, South Carolina on Monday, SC Forward Progress Political Director Tyler Jones released the following statement:

"It is no secret that Mitt Romney is considered the most inconsistent of all the GOP candidates for President. His constant flip-flops have left political observers and voters perplexed for some time now. First he was a liberal, then he was a Tea Partier. Now he is back to being a moderate.

Voters are justifiably confused. But who can blame them? From his support of mandated health care, gay rights and abortion rights, to his strong support of strict gun control laws, Mitt Romney has championed the Dukakis/Kennedy agenda for more than 20 years. Now he is running from virtually every position he has ever held in order to appease the extremists who currently control the Republican Party. To quote the late Ted Kennedy, 'Mitt Romney isn't pro-choice or anti-choice, he's multiple choice.' It's time for the real Mitt Romney to stand up and be honest about who he really is."


Recently, SC Forward Progress released a video highlighting Romney's previously held positions. It can be seen here: 

Video: Mitt Romney - Our Favorite Liberal