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State Leaders Busted for Lying about "Dead Voters"

News Release - For Immediate Release

Contact: Tyler Jones, 252-675-7606 -

Charleston, SC - Today the South Carolina Election Commission released the results of its investigation into Republican accusations that over 900 dead people voted in recent elections in South Carolina. The report proved that these allegations were completely unsubstantiated, and there is no evidence that any dead people voted in South Carolina.

SC Forward Progress Spokesman Tyler Jones made the following statement:

"It is pretty clear now that Attorney General Alan Wilson and Nikki Haley's DMV Director Kevin Shwedo have fabricated a fairy tale about "900 dead voters" in South Carolina, in order to justify support for a voter ID bill, which has already been declared discriminatory by the US Department of Justice.

Free Times: Republican Gov. Nikki Haley released her latest ethics reports this week...

Columbia Free TimesRepublican Gov. Nikki Haley released her latest ethics reports this week, showing the governor raised $223,000 this quarter, with nearly two-thirds of her campaign cash coming from out of state, according to the Charleston Post & Courier. Haley has been criticized for not disclosing her out-of-state fundraisers on her public schedule. Haley also pulled in big checks from Texas insurance companies and attended a fundraiser in the Lone Star state. Those checks came around the time that Eleanor Kitzman, who Haley had appointed to the S.C. Budget and Control Board, resigned to take a job regulating the insurance industry in Texas. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is among the presidential contenders angling for Haley’s Palmetto State endorsement. Tyler Jones of SC Forward Progress drew this conclusion: We’ve got a part-time governor with a full-time travel schedule. And it’s only getting worse. It’s time for Governor Haley to stop campaigning for vice president and get to work here at home.”Corey Hutchins

Rock Hill Herald: Reaction mixed to new SC phone greeting

Rock Hill Heraldby Gina Smith

Gov. Nikki Haley's requirement that state workers answer the phones with a cheery "It's a great day in South Carolina" is getting mixed reviews.
On Tuesday, Haley announced to her Cabinet directors that the greeting should be used whenever state workers at Cabinet agencies answer the phone. The Republican said the greeting would help her market the state and boost state worker morale while reminding them they work for the caller.

Video: It's a great day in South Carolina?