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Gordon Gekko endorses Mitt Romney!

Gordon Gekko endorses Mitt Romney

This evening, SC Forward Progress facilitated "Gordon Gekko" of Wall Street fame endorsing Mitt Romney. Romney supporters were quick to get behind our effort. Click here for Gekko's letter endorsing Romney [pdf].

Some coverage of the event:


Dogs against Mitt Romney: Media Coverage

Dogs against RomneyOn Thursday, January 6 2012, SC Forward Progress staged a small "Dogs against Romney" protest outside the venue where Mitt Romney was speaking along with Governor Nikki Haley and Senator John McCain. 

City Paper: SC liberals spoof Herman Cain ad

Charleston City Papaerby Paul Bowers

If you follow national politics and use the internet, you've probably already seen Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain's YouTube campaign ad that consists almost entirely of Cain's chief of staff talking up his boss and then taking a drag from a cigarette. In case you haven't, or in case you want to revel in the head-scratching weirdness again, here it is:

Politico: South Carolina Dems love Herman Cain

PoliticoSC Forward Progress, an outside group set up by Democrats in South Carolina, blasted out this video today under the subject line: “Herman Cain – Where do we donate?” It’s a good look back at some of the things Cain was saying before he was taken seriously as a presidential candidate:

Free Times: Republican Gov. Nikki Haley released her latest ethics reports this week...

Columbia Free TimesRepublican Gov. Nikki Haley released her latest ethics reports this week, showing the governor raised $223,000 this quarter, with nearly two-thirds of her campaign cash coming from out of state, according to the Charleston Post & Courier. Haley has been criticized for not disclosing her out-of-state fundraisers on her public schedule. Haley also pulled in big checks from Texas insurance companies and attended a fundraiser in the Lone Star state. Those checks came around the time that Eleanor Kitzman, who Haley had appointed to the S.C. Budget and Control Board, resigned to take a job regulating the insurance industry in Texas. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is among the presidential contenders angling for Haley’s Palmetto State endorsement. Tyler Jones of SC Forward Progress drew this conclusion: We’ve got a part-time governor with a full-time travel schedule. And it’s only getting worse. It’s time for Governor Haley to stop campaigning for vice president and get to work here at home.”Corey Hutchins