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Lachlan McIntosh of S.C. Forward Progress shares his views on what is needed in the next president.

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CNN: South Carolina Democrats mock GOP debate

Republican Presidential SideshowBy: CNN Political Reporter Peter Hamby

Greenville, South Carolina (CNN) - South Carolina Forward Progress, an independent group formed this week by a group of Democratic operatives, held a carnival-like press conference outside Thursday's Republican presidential debate in Greenville, South Carolina.

SC Dem group hopes to turn GOP debate into a 'circus'

MSNBC.comBy Jason Seher

As a handful of Republican presidential hopefuls flock to Greenville, SC for the first GOP presidential primary debate tonight, a South Carolina Democratic group hopes to steal some of the debate's thunder.

SC Forward Progress, a small outfit headed by veteran Palmetto State political operative Lachlan McIntosh will host a "Republican Debate "Sideshow" to complement what McIntosh calls the "Republican circus."

Group protests GOP debate in Greenville, calls it a 'circus'

GoUpstate.comGREENVILLE -- A newly formed South Carolina Democratic group called tonight's GOP presidential debate here a “circus” and a “celebration of extremism.”

Standing in front of the Westin Hotel close to the debate site and backed by a pair of mimes, a person on large stilts and a trio of young men holding signs mocking debate broadcaster Fox News Channel and so-called “birthers,” Lachlan McIntosh of the group SC Forward Progress said the debate represents a “celebration of the misinformed and a celebration of pandering.”

Dems Prepare for Battle in GOP Stronghold of South Carolina

FoxNews.comby Jonathan Serrie

... To try and rekindle the enthusiasm of 2008, the Obama campaign already has operatives working in South Carolina cities, including Columbia and Charleston. Separately, an independent group called South Carolina Forward Progress is posting videos ridiculing, what it regards as, radical elements within the GOP.

Warning to GOP: Local Dems are taking notes, making videos

Charleston City PaperSC Forward Progress highlighting far-right rhetoric

Posted by Greg Hambrick on Tue, May 3, 2011 at 4:35 PM

Three of the Lowcountry's high-profile consultants have formed a new organization challenging Republicans on the right-wing rhetoric that is, pardon the pun, all the rage right now.