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Free Times: South Carolina Democrats Get Aggressive, Form Hit Squad Against GOP

Columbia's Free TimesBy Corey Hutchins

South Carolina Democratic political consultant Tyler Jones, 25, was strolling through a Tax Day tea party rally in Columbia last month, training a hand-held video camera on any attendee willing to talk to him as Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann riled the crowd from the State House steps.

The State: Dems plan to go after GOP; Republicans say debate, dinner are sold out

The Stateby Gina Smith


A trio of the state's young Democratic operatives has launched a new group to go after Republicans.


Lachlan McIntosh, a Charleston consultant who ran Mullins McLeod's aborted gubernatorial campaign last year, has set up "South Carolina Forward Progress" along with fellow consultant Tyler Jones and web developer Brian Barrie.

CNN: South Carolina Democrats launch independent group targeting 2012 Republicans

CNN PoliticsBy CNN Political Reporter Peter Hamby

Washington (CNN) – A group of Democratic operatives in the early primary state of South Carolina is launching a new independent group to draw attention to what they call the "crazy" elements of the Republican base that hold significant sway over who the next GOP presidential nominee will be.