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New Poll shows proof that South Carolina Republicans are still Birthers, still too extreme for America


Today, the results of the Winthrop University poll were released that showed one in three South Carolina Republicans believe President Obama is a Muslim and an illegal immigrant. In response, SC Forward Progress Political Director Tyler Jones released the following statement:

“The poll is just more proof that a large portion of South Carolina Republicans have jumped the shark and no longer live in the real world. Unable to justify their extremist views with facts and logic, they cling to a bizarre fantasy that President Obama is a Muslim and was born in a foreign land.

The scary thing is that the Republican National Committee has given these very Republicans a disproportionately strong voice in selecting their party’s nominee by granting South Carolina the first in the South primary status. Those looking for Republicans to nominate a mainstream candidate who can compete nationwide will likely have to keep looking, because the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan is no more. Radical South Carolina Republicans have destroyed it.”

Earlier this year, SC Forward Progress released a compilation video of Republican Party activists at a Tax Day Tea Party in Columbia that has garnered over 200,000 views.

Link to Winthrop poll: