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Video: Hiding the Crazy

State’s Political Climate Hurting Role in Presidential Primary

Columbia Free TimesBY COREY HUTCHINS

Bow-tied men in seersucker suits and women in pumps and pearls were streaming up and down Greenville’s Main Street May 5 on their way to the first presidential debate of 2012.

The Upstate South Carolina city is home to some of the most conservative voters in the country, so it was a fitting choice for kicking off the 2012 Republican nomination race. But this year, it became a scene for something a little different. Before the debate geared up, a man in an elephant mask gyrated in a hula hoop on stilts as a mime juggled beside him and a clown made balloon animals and danced around to carnival music. 

“It’s a circus!” said a little boy. And it was. Sort of. 

GOP Presidential Debate Sideshow Group holds sideshow on day of GOP debate

Lachlan McIntosh of S.C. Forward Progress shares his views on what is needed in the next president.

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CNN: South Carolina Democrats mock GOP debate

Republican Presidential SideshowBy: CNN Political Reporter Peter Hamby

Greenville, South Carolina (CNN) - South Carolina Forward Progress, an independent group formed this week by a group of Democratic operatives, held a carnival-like press conference outside Thursday's Republican presidential debate in Greenville, South Carolina.

SC Dem group hopes to turn GOP debate into a 'circus'

MSNBC.comBy Jason Seher

As a handful of Republican presidential hopefuls flock to Greenville, SC for the first GOP presidential primary debate tonight, a South Carolina Democratic group hopes to steal some of the debate's thunder.

SC Forward Progress, a small outfit headed by veteran Palmetto State political operative Lachlan McIntosh will host a "Republican Debate "Sideshow" to complement what McIntosh calls the "Republican circus."