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SC Forward Progress reacts to Ard resignation

Today Tyler Jones, spokesman for South Carolina Forward Progress released the following statement in reaction to the resignation of South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard:

“Today is another sad day for South Carolina. The politicians in charge continue to fail this state. Extremism and corruption are rampant and crippling any hopes for progress. Our Republican Lieutenant Governor has been forced to resign amidst some of the most serious corruption charges our state has seen in a long, long time.

But this is just the latest in a series of Republican embarrassments that have plagued our state for the last decade. Out of touch Republicans have controlled South Carolina for so long, they no longer think the laws apply to them. Whether it's Mark Sanford, Thomas Ravenel, Thad Viers, Charlie Sharpe, and now Ken Ard, leaders of the South Carolina Republican Party continue to emulate the values of the Corleone family, instead of the values of hardworking South Carolina famililes. It's time for a change in South Carolina, and that starts with electing leaders who will stop embarrassing our great state.

While Ken Ard deserves his day in court, it should not be forgotten that as a candidate he presented himself as someone voters should trust. If Ard is indicted, his punishment should serve as an example to other political leaders in South Carolina who believe that the law does not apply to them.

Hopefully this will send a message to the voters in South Carolina that in order to change our state for the better, we must first change those who have led us down this embarrassing path in the first place.”