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SC Forward Progress Responds to Ard’s Sweetheart Deal

Today the South Carolina Ethics Commission announced that it has fined Ken Ard $60,000 for illegally spending and misusing campaign cash. Shortly after being elected Lt. Governor last year, Ard went on a spending spree and used campaign cash to buy tickets to the SEC Championship game, a family vacation to Washington, and even bought expensive women’s clothes.

Ard’s offenses are very similar to those committed by former North Carolina lawmaker Ty Harrell of Raleigh in 2009. After being elected, Harrell used campaign money to purchase lavish dinners, clothing, and luggage.  Not only was he was forced to resign his House seat, but the Speaker of the House, from his own party, called for an investigation into the matter. Harrell has been the subject of a criminal investigation over the matter as well.

Lachlan McIntosh, Director of SC Forward Progress, made the following statement about Ard’s fine.

“For the violations he’s committed, this is a slap on the wrist. In any other state, he’d be in legal jeopardy and would be writing his resignation letter,” McIntosh said.  “It is a good day for the good ole’ boys and another sad day for South Carolina.”




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