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State Leaders Busted for Lying about "Dead Voters"

News Release - For Immediate Release

Contact: Tyler Jones, 252-675-7606 -

Charleston, SC - Today the South Carolina Election Commission released the results of its investigation into Republican accusations that over 900 dead people voted in recent elections in South Carolina. The report proved that these allegations were completely unsubstantiated, and there is no evidence that any dead people voted in South Carolina.

SC Forward Progress Spokesman Tyler Jones made the following statement:

"It is pretty clear now that Attorney General Alan Wilson and Nikki Haley's DMV Director Kevin Shwedo have fabricated a fairy tale about "900 dead voters" in South Carolina, in order to justify support for a voter ID bill, which has already been declared discriminatory by the US Department of Justice.

Their shenanigans are costing the state money and distracting from actual problems we do face like high unemployment and failing schools.

We call on Mr. Wilson, the Haley administration, and the South Carolina Republican Party to stop deceiving and scaring voters with bogus claims of fraud and to get to work on the issues that are real. We also call on them to cease their disturbing efforts to suppress voting and at least attempt to make their way into the 21st century.”



Background information:

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