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GOP Prez Candidates: Sign the SCASC Pledge

Sign the SCASC (rhymes with crazy) Pledge!The one thing you've got to give to the Republicans running for President this year is that they are staying true. They've made it clear that ideology is more than important than anything else, including a national credit default, job creation, health care, and, well... anything.

We here at SC Forward Progress admire their honesty. It gets confusing when politicians say things like "Country First" and we appreciate that this group doesn't even go there. We are asking them to sign a pledge to keep ideology ahead of country and hopefully they won't let their high-paid consultants change their ways. Keep it real guys! Keep it Crazy! 

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a pledge that all the candidates should be happy to sign, to defiantly and definitively say that what they’re saying now is what they really believe.

We hereby present to all of the candidates running for the Republican nomination in South Carolina, a pledge to Stay Crazy After South Carolina (SCASC).

SC Forward Progress Responds to Ard’s Sweetheart Deal

Today the South Carolina Ethics Commission announced that it has fined Ken Ard $60,000 for illegally spending and misusing campaign cash. Shortly after being elected Lt. Governor last year, Ard went on a spending spree and used campaign cash to buy tickets to the SEC Championship game, a family vacation to Washington, and even bought expensive women’s clothes.